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Renting out: Get Your Vacation On - 24' (Nicknamed "Dallas")
$225 / night Get Your Vacation On - 24' (Nicknamed "Dallas") Montana Outside Holdings
Renting out: Rent Me! ( "Galveston") 17'
$110 / night Rent Me! ( "Galveston") 17' Montana Outside Holdings
Renting out: Travel in Style - 32' (Nicknamed "Houston")
$250 / night Travel in Style - 32' (Nicknamed "Houston") Montana Outside Holdings
Renting out: Rent this Bad Boy! ("Austin") 17'
$110 / night Rent this Bad Boy! ("Austin") 17' Montana Outside Holdings
Renting out: Roomy Home Away! ("Amarillo") 21'
$120 / night Roomy Home Away! ("Amarillo") 21' Montana Outside Holdings
Renting out: The Perfect 2017 Coachman Clipper
$79 / night The Perfect 2017 Coachman Clipper The Coachman Clipper

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Preparation is Key When Renting Your RV to Others

Renting your RV to others takes a little preparation and a good checklist. Positive beginnings have a much higher probability of resulting in positive endings. Therefore, prepare the RV as if you were about to take it on a road trip yourself. Communication with the renter prior to the date of pick-up will help ensure everyone has the same expectations and understandings. Furthermore, the use of a rental agreement is a must, and should include agreed upon times for pick-up and return, the pick-up location and any extra fees involved. Additionally, the agreement should note what is included with the rental (kitchen items, linens, bike rack, beach supplies, etc.) and any other factors relating to owner and renter responsibilities. Finally, ensure you know the renter’s intended travel plans. This owner checklist will give your renters a great impression: Clean the RV inside and out…first impressions are so important. Check all systems and operations to ensure everything is working correctly and is running as designed. TIRES are one of the most important features of the RV. Checking tread wear, ensure proper inflation and looking for defects such as bulges or cuts. These factors are vital for the safety of the renters and the function of the RV itself. If there is any issue with any of the tires, DO NOT ALLOW THE RENTAL TO PROCEED WITHOUT HAVING IT CHECKED AND REMEDIED BY A PROFESSIONAL. Read the Fulltime Families blog which offers great information regarding tire safety. Place a Rental Guidelines binder in the RV for the renters to refer to. At a minimum, the binder should include the following: Owner contact information (cell phone number renters can call in the event of an emergency), Instructions on how to operate everything inside & outside the RV, Safety tips and procedures, Roadside Assistance information, Insurance information, What to do in the event of an emergency or accident. Use an Orientation and Training Checklist to ensure you review and train the renter on all aspects of the RV systems and operations, while emphasizing safety tips & procedures. Upon pick-up and return of the RV, both the owner and renter should do a thorough interior and exterior check, using a Vehicle Condition form (taking photos with a camera or smartphone is advisable for both parties). Ensure you have the proper forms ready for your renters to review and sign: Rental Agreement, Safety Tips & Procedures, Orientation and Training Checklist, Vehicle Condition Form, Any insurance documents. Upon return, have the renter accompany you on a visual interior and exterior check of the unit. Ask them if they had any issues, problems, etc., so you can address it in person if possible. Explain to the renter you’ll do a thorough inspection using a Return Checklist (standard time is 72 hours). Explain that you’ll release the damage deposit in full as long as there are no new damages. Preparation really goes a long way and it shows your renters you want them to have the best possible experience!

Try It Before You Buy It – Renting is the Way To Go!

Try it before you buy it…there is no better way! Have you ever bought something and realized soon after that you wish you would have bought a different model? A different size? A different color? When it’s something small it’s not a big deal, but when you’re spending big bucks, it’s a huge deal. Buying an RV or trailer is one of those big things that you absolutely want to try it out before committing to the purchase. Being able to really check it out takes some time, and that’s why we LOVE the idea of renting out RVs and trailers. There are so many choices when it comes to RVs and all the models, amenities and options. Unless you’re an RV guru, it’s literally impossible to make an informed decision about which RV or trailer to buy unless you do some serious consumer research. NADA Guides lists over 2,000 RV manufacturers. Each manufacturer typically makes multiple models and within each model there are multiple sizes, all with varying options and amenities. The decisions and choices are endless. Type A Motorhomes, Sport Utility Trailers, Travel Trailers, Type B Motorhomes, Folding Camper Trailers, Type C Motorhomes and Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers are all sold by recreational vehicle dealers. Prices range from $10,000 to well into the millions, and everything in between. No matter your budget, you can find an RV that fits your wants and needs. If you’ve decided to try RVing, chances are you’ve seen RV parks where you live, where you’ve traveled, or where you want to travel. If you’ve gotten a little more serious about getting an RV, maybe you’ve stopped by Camping World, RV Station, or one of the hundreds of other crazy-big RV dealerships throughout the US and already started shopping. Once you’re at this point it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices and end up taking a step back. But there is a better way! Login to Easy RV and scroll through the listings near you and rent an RV or trailer first. Try it before you buy it! One of the many reasons Easy RV was established is to assist consumers in the try it before you buy it strategy. Renting an RV let’s you truly experience all aspects of the RV over a period of time that’s good for you. Spend the night in the great outdoors with your family. Tow it to the beach and cool off, whip up some lunch and sit under the awning while you listen to the waves. Head to the mountains and leave all your worries behind. Renting gives you time to check out all the gadgets and how everything operates. Is the space to big? Too small? Can you fit in the bathroom? Is it easy to drive? Is there enough storage space? Can your vehicle tow it safely? Do you want more features and options or do you prefer just the basics and roughing it? Renting allows you the freedom to try before you buy without diving right into a major, long-term financial commitment. Besides all the obvious reasons why renting is a good first step before buying, partnering with Easy RV allows you to scroll through hundreds of listings & photos, communicate with RV owners, and check out how much money YOU can make on the side by renting your RV once you’ve settled in and made that purchase! Image by Gorving

Create an RV Rental Listing That Actually Brings You Bookings

#1 – Good pictures are key to getting renters to check out your RV. People rent RVs for a variety of reasons (family vacations, adventure travel, extra room for visitors, tailgating, festivals, etc.). Your photos should “sell the experience” and you do this by staging the interior and exterior. Check out these helpful ideas: a) ensure your RV is clean, both inside & out; b) use real food (think colorful fruits & veggies); c) put pillows & blankets on furniture & bedding; d) open the blinds & allow natural light to come in; e) put towels & a rubber ducky in the bathroom (quack!); f) incorporate games, books, plants, a bottle of wine, your pet (you get the idea!) g) find a scenic setting for exterior photos (under trees, beside a pond, at the beach); h) unfurl the awning, put out a rug & chairs, build a fire in the pit, pull a BBQ nearby; i) use a wide-angle lens on your camera, or use your smart phone (yes, some phones take great photos!); j) panoramic photos can be good if you don’t include too much. #2 – Catchy titles bring bookings. (Rent the Brown Beast for Your Family Adventure! You’ll LOVE this Romantic Rolling Villa! Tailgate in Total Comfort! Spacious, Comfy, Home-Away-From-Home! Out-of-Town Guests Will Love Having Their Own Space!) #3 – Be reasonable when setting rates & fees; you’re competing against other owners. Just getting started? Having a lower rate than similar RVs may bring more requests. #4 – The description you create is the opportunity to sell the RV experience. Check out other RV listings and copy-cat ideas you like. #5 – Preview your listing – is it appealing to renters looking to rent for a variety of reasons? (Family vacation? Adventure seekers? Out-of-town guests? etc.) #6 – Not getting inquiries? Revise your listing, ask friends for ideas, and keep an eye on the competition for new ideas! Scroll through the listings on and check out other listings.   Photo by Steve Walser on / CC BY-NC-ND