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Renting out: Get Your Vacation On - 24' (Nicknamed "Dallas")
$200 / night Get Your Vacation On - 24' (Nicknamed "Dallas") Montana Outside Holdings
Renting out: Roomy Home Away From Home! (Nicknamed "Amarillo")
$135 / night Roomy Home Away From Home! (Nicknamed "Amarillo") Montana Outside Holdings
Renting out: Travel in Style - 32' (Nicknamed "Houston")
$225 / night Travel in Style - 32' (Nicknamed "Houston") Montana Outside Holdings
Renting out: Fully Stocked Spacious Home On Wheels!
$225 / night Fully Stocked Spacious Home On Wheels! Montana Outside Holdings
Renting out: Rent this Bad Boy! (Nicknamed "Austin")
$125 / night Rent this Bad Boy! (Nicknamed "Austin") Montana Outside Holdings
Renting out: Perfect Size Get-Away! 17' (Nicknamed "Bandera")
$110 / night Perfect Size Get-Away! 17' (Nicknamed "Bandera") Montana Outside Holdings

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Create an RV Rental Listing That Actually Brings You Bookings

#1 – Good pictures are key to getting renters to check out your RV. People rent RVs for a variety of reasons (family vacations, adventure travel, extra room for visitors, tailgating, festivals, etc.). Your photos should “sell the experience” and you do this by staging the interior and exterior. Check out these helpful ideas: a) ensure your RV is clean, both inside & out; b) use real food (think colorful fruits & veggies); c) put pillows & blankets on furniture & bedding; d) open the blinds & allow natural light to come in; e) put towels & a rubber ducky in the bathroom (quack!); f) incorporate games, books, plants, a bottle of wine, your pet (you get the idea!) g) find a scenic setting for exterior photos (under trees, beside a pond, at the beach); h) unfurl the awning, put out a rug & chairs, build a fire in the pit, pull a BBQ nearby; i) use a wide-angle lens on your camera, or use your smart phone (yes, some phones take great photos!); j) panoramic photos can be good if you don’t include too much. #2 – Catchy titles bring bookings. (Rent the Brown Beast for Your Family Adventure! You’ll LOVE this Romantic Rolling Villa! Tailgate in Total Comfort! Spacious, Comfy, Home-Away-From-Home! Out-of-Town Guests Will Love Having Their Own Space!) #3 – Be reasonable when setting rates & fees; you’re competing against other owners. Just getting started? Having a lower rate than similar RVs may bring more requests. #4 – The description you create is the opportunity to sell the RV experience. Check out other RV listings and copy-cat ideas you like. #5 – Preview your listing – is it appealing to renters looking to rent for a variety of reasons? (Family vacation? Adventure seekers? Out-of-town guests? etc.) #6 – Not getting inquiries? Revise your listing, ask friends for ideas, and keep an eye on the competition for new ideas! Scroll through the listings on and check out other listings.   Photo by Steve Walser on / CC BY-NC-ND

RV Rental – The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

You’ve made the exciting decision to rent an RV, so now what?!! You’re about to join millions of others who are stepping away from the traditional hotel and houses to embark on accommodations that are way more fun and more adventurous. There are many reasons for renting an RV, the most popular…a family vacation.  These tips will get you off to a great start for creating memories that will last a lifetime. Have a destination in mind. Explore any restrictions that may be in place. Reserve a rental site with full hook-ups (fresh water, electricity, and sewer). Without hook-ups, you’ll be operating off the grid, and unless you’re an experienced RVer, it’s not advised. Plan your route, including stops for fuel. Book your rental well in advance so you can find the perfect RV that fits your wants and needs. Create a checklist and get answers directly from the owner (What are the cancellation & refund policies when renting? What is required to tow a trailer? Can the awning be used? Can our pet come along? What are the pick-up and return times? Are kitchen items and bedding included?  Is there a generator? Is there A/C and/or heating? What happens if something breaks down?) Ensure you, or the owner, has reliable RV rental insurance. Take time with the owner to learn all features, systems and operations of the RV, internal and external. Know all the fees involved (mileage fee, generator fee, dumping fee, cleaning fee, pet fee, etc.) and don’t hesitate to bargain for unlimited mileage or free generator use. Do keep in mind, owners have many expenses to upkeep their RVs. Last, and most important, take your time, vow to laugh, relax, and enjoy your adventure! Here are a couple other of our fave sites for helpful tips: What We Learned from our First RV Trip Do you have an RV rental story to tell?  Share it here! Photo by Stuck in Customs on / CC BY-NC-SA

Easy RV – How We Got Started in the Rental Business

We’re excited to introduce Easy RV and tell the world how we first got started. In 2014, we purchased an RV park in southeast Texas, which has given us the opportunity to meet people from all over the U.S. Life at the RV park has shown us there are absolutely no stereo-types when it comes to RVers, or their preferences when it comes to RVs…the diversity is what we find so interesting! There hasn’t been a week go by without a call or visit from someone wanting to rent an RV. The RVs we own are booked non-stop and we weren’t looking to buy more. One afternoon, we were looking out over the park and it was like a light bulb started flashing. We were looking at hundreds of RVs…an untapped RV rental inventory right under our noses. We took time to talk with our guests and friends to discuss whether they’ve ever considered renting out their RVs while not in use, and we got enormous positive feedback and knew we were on to something. RV owners told us they’re very willing to do a little preparation and work to make some extra cash, especially when the alternative is having their RVs sit idle for long periods of time, while those monthly payments still have to be made. We continued to speak with people representing a variety of lifestyles, needs and experience levels with RVs, who helped us realize there is big interest in renting RVs for so many different reasons, whether it be a family vacation, work travel, adventure seeking, tailgating, or extra room for out-of-town visitors. Working our way through overcoming the obstacles we thought would be the most challenging if owners were to rent their RVs, we developed the outline for our RV rental platform. And after some crazy brain-storming over what to call this new endeavor, was born! Two of our main goals are providing easy opportunities for more people to get involved in RVing, and  providing good customer service so RV owners and renters have good experiences. We’ve designed Easy RV to do just this. Whether you’re a beginner, a full-timer, or somewhere in between, more and more people are getting involved in RVing because it’s fun and it allows comfortable mobility. Renting an RV offers unique experiences and creates new relationships, and at Easy RV we like to think these two things make all our lives a little richer.  If you haven’t had an RV experience, there’s no time like the present! Log on and create your account profile today to rent or list an RV. Be sure to like us