Communicating With Renters Helps Close the Deal

Communicating is key with RV renters

When it come to finalizing a booking with a renter, RV owners say communicating openly is one of the most important factors. The listing you create on the Easy RV website provides lots of information for renters, however, there is so much more they want to know. As an owner, knowing in advance how you will communicate regarding all aspects of your rental is all in the “prep homework.” This article by Essential Life Skills entitled Good Communication Skills – Key to Any Success can truly be applied to any type of business deal.

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A common question is the availability of being able to check out the RV before confirming a booking. When owners accommodate such requests, most find that this more often than not results in instant booking confirmations. There is nothing that beats checking out something in person.

Sometimes, communication is easily handled electronically. Owners should make it a point to respond to any messages as soon as possible. Odds are that if a renter doesn’t hear back right away, they’ll message another RV owner. Renters often reach out to multiple owners at the same time. For this reason, it’s important to respond quickly to any inquiries.

When renters are seeking additional information, the more details you provide, the easier it is to make a decision. Many details can be provided directly through the online listing. Don’t leave any fields blank unless it is an item that doesn’t pertain to the particular class/type of vehicle. When creating an online listing you’re communicating directly with thousands of potential renters through the listing itself. Be creative in the way you describe the unit, so you draw the attention of renters. Otherwise, they may pass right by your listing. The absolute key to an outstanding rental listing is a good title. Brainstorm with your closest allies and come up with something catchy.

Communicating openly and frequently with potential renters when you list your RV is the key to more bookings!


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