Create an RV Rental Listing That Actually Brings You Bookings

#1 – Good pictures are key to getting renters to check out your RV. People rent RVs for a variety of reasons (family vacations, adventure travel, extra room for visitors, tailgating, festivals, etc.). Your photos should “sell the experience” and you do this by staging the interior and exterior.

Check out these helpful ideas:

a) ensure your RV is clean, both inside & out;

b) use real food (think colorful fruits & veggies);

c) put pillows & blankets on furniture & bedding;

d) open the blinds & allow natural light to come in;

e) put towels & a rubber ducky in the bathroom (quack!);

f) incorporate games, books, plants, a bottle of wine, your pet (you get the idea!)

g) find a scenic setting for exterior photos (under trees, beside a pond, at the beach);

h) unfurl the awning, put out a rug & chairs, build a fire in the pit, pull a BBQ nearby;

i) use a wide-angle lens on your camera, or use your smart phone (yes, some phones take great photos!);

j) panoramic photos can be good if you don’t include too much.

#2 – Catchy titles bring bookings. (Rent the Brown Beast for Your Family Adventure! You’ll LOVE this Romantic Rolling Villa! Tailgate in Total Comfort! Spacious, Comfy, Home-Away-From-Home! Out-of-Town Guests Will Love Having Their Own Space!)

#3 – Be reasonable when setting rates & fees; you’re competing against other owners. Just getting started? Having a lower rate than similar RVs may bring more requests.

#4 – The description you create is the opportunity to sell the RV experience. Check out other RV listings and copy-cat ideas you like.

#5 – Preview your listing – is it appealing to renters looking to rent for a variety of reasons? (Family vacation? Adventure seekers? Out-of-town guests? etc.)

#6 – Not getting inquiries? Revise your listing, ask friends for ideas, and keep an eye on the competition for new ideas!

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