Pet Friendly RV Parks and Resorts Across the U.S.

Pet Friendly RV Resorts

I like the idea of bringing our family pet pretty much everywhere we go. In fact, my work place recently became pet-friendly, so our dog frequently accompanies me to the office to hang out and enjoy the attention of my office mates.

The rest of my family feels the same way. None of us can imagine boarding Georgie, or leaving him behind to be dropped in on once or twice a day by a sitter. Typically, when we hit the road in our RV, we are away for one to two weeks at a time. For the last 8 years, Georgie remains one of the main factors we take into consideration as we plan our trips.

One of the best resources we’ve found for up-to-date information on where pets are welcome, is Bring Fido. Although there are many other very informative sites, we like how Bring Fido brings it all together. Georgie has traveled with us from one coast to the other with stops at incredible spots in between. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite RV parks and resorts where I think Georgie had a better time than the rest of the family!


Bryn Mawr (St. Augustine, FL): The beach is pet-friendly, one of the few in the state. You’ll also find a large dog park, and activities the entire family can enjoy.


Sandy Pines (Hopkins, MI): You won’t believe all the activities at this incredible family resort. Pets are welcome throughout the grounds and your furry buddy will make all kinds of friends at the dog park.

The Nugget RV Park (St. Regis, MT): Incredible beauty and activities abound throughout the park and the region for you and your dog.


Flying Flags RV Resort & Campground (Buelton , CA): A nice off-leash dog park in the middle of beautiful surroundings and perfect year-round temperatures.


Stella Mare RV Resort (Galveston, TX):  Adjacent to the gulf coast this new RV resort has two dog parks  that allow plenty of room to roam. Guests will find many of the island’s beaches, restaurants & year-round events to be pet-friendly.

Sugar Sands RV Resort (Gulf Shores, AL): You’ll find a nice dog walk trail where new friends are made every day. The resort is very family-oriented and there are activities and events year-round.

Start planning your next vacation now. Keep in mind there are plenty of places to stay that welcome your furry friends too. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly trailer or RV to rent, check out the listings on Easy RV.

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