Pro’s and Con’s of Renting your RV

You’ve probably heard of others listing their RV for rent and now you’re thinking of renting yours.  However, the idea of renting your RV out may seem slightly terrifying. What if someone wrecked your RV, or worse, backs up your black tank?

Listing with protects your investment with things like DMV background checks, squaring away insurance coverage and an easy sign up process.  This post considers some of the pro’s and con’s you may experience when renting your RV.

Pro’s to Renting Your RV

Easy Money 

This is the main incentive for most RV owners. By renting your RV on just a few different occasions you may be able to cover most of our RV payment for the year. As an added perk, you also don’t have to pay for storage or a campground while your RV is rented

Makes Buying an RV Possible

RV’s can be expensive, but renting your RV is a great way to offset the cost of owning one. Remember that when you list your RV for rent is up to you, you can rent it out a little or a lot, only when you aren’t using it or during peak seasons like spring and summer.

Sharing the RV Lifestyle with new campers

Renting is the ideal getaway alternative to actually owning an RV. An RV rental is the perfect testing ground to see if you enjoy the lifestyle.

Introducing this lifestyle to people who want to experience life on the road is a great feeling too.


Con’s to Renting Your RV

Making Your RV Renter Ready

If you’re a full timer, one of the toughest tasks can be removing everything from your RV so that it is renter ready.
Removing your clothes and personal items from your RV can take an hour or two. However, getting everything back into place can take as little as a half hour at the end of the rental. Some RV owners choose to leave lawn chairs, books, pots and pans, dishes, and other necessities inside the RV for their renters.
Really though, this probably won’t be much of a con if you aren’t a full timer though.

Watching a Stranger Drive Away with Your Home

Again, this really applies if you’re a full timer, that first time someone drives away with your RV can be a struggle. When your RV is your home you can’t help but think about worst case scenarios.
Taking a moment to realize that if a worst-case scenario does occur, you simply file an insurance claim and everything works out in the end.
The anxiety you feel while someone drives your RV away is the biggest con to renting your RV. However, if you can make peace with a few best/worst case scenarios, it’s definitely worth it.

The Learning Curve of Running a Business

Renting out your RV is very much a business. By using, owners can turn their RV into a serious business that supports their lifestyle.
Like any business, there is a learning curve. Learning how to prep your renters, making certain you’re charging a fair rate, and providing great customer service will ensure positive reviews and returning customers.

Even though EasyRV makes it easy to connect you with people who are looking to rent your RV, and helps you communicate with your renters, you’ll still have to learn some of the business basics.

Should You Rent Your RV?

For thousand’s the answer is a definite yes. Renting your RV will help cover RV payments, supporting your life on the road and allow you to meet and introduce people to a new and exciting lifestyle.
List your RV on to start enjoying the personal and financial benefits of renting your RV

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