Renting Your 5th Wheel – Try These Tips

5th Wheel Comfort

As an owner of a 5th wheel RV, you’ll want some extra tips in your pocket as you prepare to list it for rent. Because of the special requirements to tow a 5th wheel, you’ll have to provide very specific information to potential renters. The following tips will help you tailor your listing for the best possible results.

We like eTrailer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Truck for 5th-Wheel Towing.

It’s a very thorough checklist that will help you and your potential renters identify what’s needed to tow your RV. Although the guide breaks it down on things to think about before you buy, this same information will help owners ask renters the right questions about their towing capabilities with their current vehicle.

Next, renters will need the right hitch.

Are you loaning your hitch to renters or requiring that they provide their own? Hitches are expensive. For a renter, it probably isn’t feasible to purchase a hitch for a one-time rental. If you provide the hitch for your 5th wheel, you’ll know it’s the right fit and won’t have to worry about renters not having the correct type. If you’re relying on renters providing their own hitch, be very clear about the required specifications.

Highlight all the benefits of renting your 5th wheel!

There are so many unique qualities. Regular size furniture, stone counter-tops, sleeping areas dedicated for privacy, roomy bathrooms and showers, kitchens with all the appliances…what more could a renter want? You’ll promote this type of RV is ideal to bigger families or renters who may be taking longer vacations or road trips, because it’s so livable and comfortable. One way to promote all the benefits to renters, is creating a video or even two. In one video you’ll walk the exterior, showing all the options, features, and the steps to hitch and unhitch. In the second, you’ll want to highlight all of the fantastic interior features. Renters love being able to see exactly what they’ll be getting for their money.

Last, don’t forget a catchy name! Renters will be drawn to a fun, edgy, or creative nickname for the RV.

You can check out how other 5th wheel owners are catching the eyes of renters by logging into Easy RV.




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