Staging Your RV to Stand Out

So, you’ve decided to take the leap and list your RV for rent. In a sea of listings you need yours to stand out! The pictures in your listing help potential renters visualize themselves enjoying their vacation. Staging your RV for these pictures increases the likelihood of them selecting your listing.  Keep reading for tips on the most eye-catching props to use for your listing


Since RVing is frequently about enjoying nature and the outdoors consider bringing a little nature into your listing. Adding a small indoor plant to a kitchen counter, dining table, or a bedroom corner brings life and character to your RV listing photos.



Staging your RV with blankets and throw pillows boost the cozy factor in your pictures. Try adding a folded blanket and a book to a made bed or couch.


Using items you already have lying around such as board game or books in your helps create a family entertainment vibe.

Kitchen Essentials

Including a coffee pot and a couple of mugs on the kitchen counter along with a colorful kitchen towel can add dimension and life to a simple kitchen scene.


Food items make fantastic props for staging. You can lay a baked good on a linen napkin on your dinette table or RV kitchen counter. Your best bet will likely be to use food that is a treat or evokes a camping feel, like s’mores or popcorn or for a romantic scene, try a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses.

You’re well on your way to staging your RV like a pro and making your RV listing stand out.

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