Travel Trailer Owners – How to Make Extra Cash Renting

Travel trailers listed for rent by owner

Have you ever thought “I want to rent my RV?”

Whether you are the owner of an RV, a 5th wheel, a pop-up camper or 5th wheel, you’re bound to wonder from time to time what all the hype is about. Many people are making inquiries such as “How to rent my trailer,” or “List my trailer for rent,” or how can I “make money renting my trailer?” You’ll find all sorts of valuable information in this article. The peer-to-peer rental market is growing by the day. You can rent your house, your tools. YOU CAN ALSO RENT YOUR TRAVEL TRAILER. There are people who want to rent, not buy RVs.

If you have a travel trailer that spends any time at all sitting idle, this information is for you. It’s a well known fact that recreational vehicles are the most underused asset in America. Many people appear not to be aware that RV rental sites even exist. That’s why this article has been created. Continue reading for all the details on how you can list your trailer for rent. Berkeley Haas published an interesting article on the sharing economy that’s worth a read.

Make Money Renting My Trailer

One of the first questions many owners have is “how much money can I make?” In other words, is it worth it? The amount you can make depends on the size, year, amenities, and sometimes where you live. Usually, the bigger your vehicle, the more you can charge per night or week. Likewise, the newer it is, the more you can charge. Sometimes where you live will designate what the market will bear as far as rates go, but we’ll get into location supply and demand in a future article. Last, the amenities and features you’re providing will definitely have an impact on the rate you can charge. I recommend that you look around at the competition in the area where you live. Look at similar models, year, and size. This will give you a good starting point.

Where to List Your RV

Easy RV is the hottest, newest, RV and trailer rental platform on the web. It is simple to list your recreational vehicle on the site. Whether you have a travel trailer, motorhome, pop-up camper, 5th wheel, toy hauler or another class of RV, you can create a listing. As an owner, you control who you rent to and when you rent it. Owners have the ability to block any dates on the calendar for personal use. The rates and/or fees charged are all set by the owner. Log onto today and create your profile and create your listing in five easy steps. If you have your vehicle spec sheet handy, that will make filling in the fields easier. If you have brochures for your RV, this will help as well. Many photos and specs can be downloaded from the web for most makes, models and years.

Reach Out to Our Support Team at Easy RV

If you have any questions about renting your recreational vehicle or just need assistance with creating your listing, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly, creative team of experts. We’re available via email at or chat, via the chat intercom you’ll find in the lower right corner of our site. We are available to help you list your trailer. Talk soon!


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