Easy RV Reviews

Our RV sat idle for more than half a year!  My husband discovered Easy RV and we decided to give it a try.  In 3 months we rented it out 5 times and the extra cash helped us pay it off!!  There is a little work involved getting it cleaned and ready each time, but it's been more than worth it for our family.  The people we've met have been great and listening to their stories when they return crack us up.  We positively recommend Easy RV for renting your RV.
The Gorman Family, Webster, TX

Never heard of renting out my RV, but decided to give it a whirl.  Getting commercial rental insurance turned out not to be the hassle I thought it would be.  The first family that rented drove it to Big Bend and they came back so excited and already planning their next trip.  I'm retired, so getting it ready for rentals keeps me busy.  The extra money we're making helps us out and I like talking to the people who want to try RVing.  We'll keep using Easy RV and have had good experiences.
George S., Pearland, TX

We started looking for a trailer to rent when Harvey flooded our home in August 2017.  We needed a place to rest our heads while we started working in the house and with the different contractors coming and going we needed a little privacy.  We found Easy RV online and they were just getting the rental business started, but we chatted with a customer service person who helped us find a rental through the site, a long-term rental.  They were so helpful.  The paperwork and payment was all fairly simple, just like renting a car.  We're grateful we found a trailer and are grateful to Easy RV for helping us.  Next time we rent we hope it's to take a fun vacation!
Janelle & Steve, Dickinson, TX

Good experience; new way to vacation for my kids and I; we'd do it again and next time we'll bring our dog.  The easyrv.com site is pretty straight forward and the owner of the trailer was pretty organized with all the checklists and everything so I felt pretty confident taking off after he gave us the orientation.
Mark Salvadore, Houston, TX

I rented my trailer through another website and it was okay, but I had some questions before I listed it and it was hard to get in touch with anyone, even through the chat box.  This time I went through Easy RV and I was able to get answers to my questions right away.  The thing I like best about renting through one of the online sites is they handle and guarantee the payment.  I don't have a way to process a credit card payment and to make sure I get my money.
Jim P., Sugarland, TX

My wife didn't really like the RV we rented, but me and my boy had a blast.  Thanx
Brian, Houston, TX

This easy RV site is pretty cool.  We use our trailer, but not all the time, so last summer I decided to try and rent it, kinda like a vacation condo.  I had a little trouble with verifying who one of the renters actually was, and the second time the check bounced.  Next time I tried one of the online rent sites and everything worked way more smooth.  The site handles everything, all I have to do is clean it and get it ready, do a review of everything with the renters when they pick it up, and handle some paperwork.  The money goes right into my account.  I just tried this easy RV site cause it's newer, and it works just fine.  I even got a quick response when I had a question and was able to talk with the renters before they came to pick it up.  
Matt B., Humble, TX

The lady we rented from wasn't very helpful, but the RV was clean and the Easy RV site was pretty simple to use.  We've never rented before, so we had lots of questions about how it all works.  I like all the pictures that you get to see of the outside and inside of the RVS, so you know what to expect.  We're going to rent again for spring break and are already looking at all the listings online.  It's a good way for my family to be together.
Robin and Jeff, Pasadena, TX